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We have more than 3500 clients whom we know well.
In order to create travel details which deliver the best value for any specific client, it is important that we know their likes and dislikes.
The best possible way for us to learn this is to spend time talking to them. This allows us to gain sufficient information in the shortest time and therefore allows us to work quickly on their file.

  • So we believe that the quickest way to arrange their "best value" travel is to initially meet with them in our office then use the telephone.
    Once their itinerary is done, we send details to them directly by email.
  • For those who cannot meet with us initially, we can spend some time on the phone with them. This takes longer, but we do quite a bit of this because many of our clients do not live in Ottawa.
  • Finally, we do communicate with all our clients via e-mail, however with complicated itineraries this is significantly slower than other communications methods. If the client has questions, they are generally more easily and quickly handled by telephone than by email.

So if you would like to meet with us, please call us to make an appointment. We look forward to meeting with you!

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