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We have more than 3500 clients whom we know well.
In order to create travel details which deliver the best value for any specific clients, it is important that we know their likes and dislikes.
The best possible way for us to learn this is to spend time talking to them. This allows us to gain sufficient information in the shortest time and therefore allows us to work quickly on their file.

  • So if you have upcoming travel in mind and you prefer that we help you put the details together, please call us as your first step. We find that the telephone offers significant advantage over email, since it gives us the opportunity to ask questions and to clarify your intent relatively quickly.
  • We then will create your itinerary and will work with you to ensure that every detail is what you have in mind.
  • Once we have your final approval on the details, we will then work directly with reliable foreign suppliers to get the full trip priced and the terms and conditions listed.

Thinking of travelling sometime in the next 12-24 months? Please call us.

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