Our Upcoming Escorted Private Journeys

    Current Status

    As everyone knows, full vaccination will be required to make international travel sufficiently risk-free with respect to SARS-CoV-2 virus transmission. This means two shots. And, it will likely mean additional boosters in the future, much like the flu shots we already rely on annually.

    With the examination of current status of Covid vaccinations within Canada and the upcoming forecast of the massive vaccine delivery in the next few months, it now appears that all adult Canadians will be fully vaccinated by the end of August. The slope of the vaccination curve for Canada is already higher than that of the US, so things are going well.

    The efficacy of these vaccines are incredibly high and are massively better than our normal flu vaccines. Therefore, travellers are significantly better protected from SARS-CoV-2 that we are from flu viruses, so if you were always comfortable travelling when flu was rampant, we suspect that you will also be comfortable travelling soon, whether the whole world has been vaccinated yet or not.

    So, since travellers will be very eager to get going shortly and we expect to see Canadian Government warnings for Canadian travellers to begin to be relaxed prior to the end of the year, we are re-introducing our Private Journeys starting in late January 2022.

    Below, please find details of what we currently have planned.

    We are working hard to finalize all our arrangements for every trip and we are awaiting final pricing data from our foreign contacts. We are updating our website daily as details come in. Stay tuned!

    For information on each trip, simply click the title or the picture. If nothing happens, that means we do not yet have the details available. The details will be there shortly. In the meantime, we can discuss any aspects of these trips with you on the phone.

    • Jan 30, 2022
    • Duration: 16 days

    Best of Sri Lanka

    One of our favourite trips ever! The island of Sri Lanka is an incredibly diverse destination. We start at beaches on the Indian Ocean before moving on to the historic capitals in the Ancient Triangle and the amazing site of Sigiriya. We then head for the central mountains and the former capital, Kandy. After a few days here, we move on to the amazing country tea plantations where we are treated like royalty for a few days. Then, we head out on safari in Yala National Park for a few more days, then move on to the ancient Portuguese port of Galle. Finally, we return to Colombo for two days before heading home.
    If you have any questions about this upcoming journey, please give us a call.
    To examine the full details of this trip, please click the trip title or picture.

    • Sept 2022
    • Duration: 20 Days

    Best of Southern Africa

    Our amazing Southern Africa Private Journey, which includes the countries of South Africa and Namibia (and possible post-tour optional extensions into Botswana and Zimbabwe) is now planned for the fall of 2022.
    If you have always wanted to see some of the most beautiful animals in the world, keep this one in mind. We are still putting final touches on this trip, so please give us a few more weeks to finalize the dates and the prices.
    To examine the current details of this trip, please click the trip title or picture.

    • November 2022
    • Duration: About 3 weeks

    Best of Chile and Argentina

    We have always loved our journeys through South America and over the years we fell in love with the amazing long and narrow country of Chile, the outstanding culture of Argentina and the beautiful shared scenic southern region of Patagonia. This time around we have added the Atacama desert in the north of Chile to the itinerary.
    If you would like to discuss any aspects of this new journey, or the possible add-on to Iguazu Falls, please give us a call. Watch this space! We will add details shortly.

    • January 2023
    • Duration: About 3 weeks

    Best of Vietnam and Cambodia

    For more than twenty years we have been leading our clients through the amazing countries of Southeast Asia. We may bring that specific "Four-Country" trip back sometime in the future, but in the meantime, we have created a very special journey concentrating on the countries of Vietnam and Cambodia with the final two days in Bangkok.
    If you would like to discuss any aspects of this journey, please give us a call. We will be posting the full details shortly.

    • May 2023
    • Duration: About 3 weeks

    Best of Eastern Europe

    We offer our brand new road-trip through historic, scenic and cultural parts of beautiful Romania, from the capital of Bucharest, through walled cities and fortified churches to the incredible UNESCO sites of Maramures then through the Carpathians and the Bucovina region, into the unusual country of Moldova, where we spend several days exploring before entering the exciting western Ukraine city of Odessa where we end our tour.
    If you would like to discuss any aspects of this amazing new journey, please give us a call. We will post all the details here shortly. Stand by!