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One of our Favourite Journeys!

While wandering through Sri Lanka we discover ancient places, historic temples, archaeological sites, colonial enclaves and so much more.
We experience an amazing diversity of scenery from sun-bronzed beaches to brilliant green paddy fields to wildlife sanctuaries and tea plantations - all literally within hours of each other.
Travel with us as part of our small group as we wander through these unique places half a world away and study their cultural wonders, their ancient traditions, their flora and fauna and their peaceful way of life. Add delicious food, happy hours at sunset, beautiful accommodation, good travelling companions and a photograph around every corner and you’ve created a stunning travel experience.
Discover "Ceylon" with us soon. You won't be disappointed!

The trip at a glance

  • Start: in Colombo, Sri Lanka on Feb 7, 2023
  • End: in Colombo, Sri Lanka on Feb 22.
  • Duration: 16 Days
  • Style: First-Class Escorted
  • Maximum: 16 Guests
  • Status: Space available

Journey Map

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